Weekly round up


It’s been  quieter week at one site not least for one regular poster requesting their account be closed and just leaving with no explanation be they personal circumstances, an issue connected with on the site or what not. I just find stuff like that you know, unsettling, for not being able to say goodbye properly  and putting things in a context.

Regular readers here know of my conflicted relationship with Tumblr not least *anything* to do spanking which as we all know is in my life and probably yours too but rather how that morphs in the mindset of some for thinking I’m wanting to follow porn blogs,bdsm blogs, view lots of male and female private parts, see sexual activity in moving images and heck I even got ‘sissies’ with image after image of male chastity!

How many times do we have to say I’m friggin’ non sexual when it comes to spanking and age regression pretty much a child in adult body in lots of other ways and it’s so goddam inappropriate to sexualize my existance.

Well anyway I get rid of two nasty blogs from following  and reblogging plus actually I gain two male age regression  blogs with similar interests who absolutely adore my tumblr for just being an age regressed one with stuff around stuffies, play and uniforms. Now that is progress,eh? The kind of blog I like following me!

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Open and shut week

Here we go with another week at Jo’s where there has been less about in forums but more actual sharing of feelings, things we struggle with and what that thing we do is all about.

Possibly compared to others I’m a more open book  not least for knowing how denying how my disabilities and life experiences have left me  isn’t just pointless as they’re apparent to anyone within say five minutes of starting a conversation  although at one point in  my education I was encouraged not see myself as being disabled strangely enough but also as I explained a bit last week it’s why to a large extent it isn’t an adult one in all but name.

I am pretty much impulsive, I think or see something and flash! I’m right there centred on the task ignoring things like faced with a difficulty I am I thinking about my personal safety as I just hack at things needing cutting.

Another thing is if I’m looking for something I tend to turn things upside down and when I do I totally forget to keep my modesty  as I just bend over any old how at odd angles sometimes snaked over things.


The trouble is my skirt or dress then rides up so I end up showing my knickers in front of everybody.


I just don’t think! Apart from making other people feel uncomfortable  when I do this I fail to respect my own dignity so the minute I’m spotted doing this, I’m pulled by the hand and lectured and then spanked quite hard. After a short period I may be allowed to resume that activity under supervision so I do learn from it,which is why they’re doing it.


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Adult free zone


Hello and welcome to this Saturday’s edition of the blog that may appear at times to be about any number of things but usually is connected in some way to discipline in the wider sense of the word and spanking.

In the week that saw the death of Tom Petty whose songwriting and performances I loved for decades saw a person on Tumblr follow me for a matter of minutes before unfollowing no doubt because I don’t pander to soft porn and the like. That as far as I’m concerned is their loss because  I’m just me and age regression is just that and non-sexual so anyone can go whistle if they think that’s what you’ll find.

The thing some just don’t get about this life it isn’t some cheap spicing  up of peoples romantic and sexual lives but it is routed very much in actual needs not role played but one where uncomfortable truths need to be accepted such as the need for adult protection when emotionally and developmentally you are more a child and when as I was painfully reminded last weekend at the door I couldn’t cope with a adult door to door seller situation and I needed to be ‘seen’ as the ‘child’ who lives there having nothing to with Soffits and the like who at best would ask ‘Daddy’ to come to the door.

That’s the thing, age regression equates to treating me as that adult/Child, dressing me as one isn’t just cute (although god knows I look cute like that) in a pinafore or summer gingham dress, a set of handed down rules from adult parental figures coupled with support with scolding and spanking me as an agreed matter of course for disobedience and disrespect.

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The personality of Jo


Am I cute enough for my would be admirers, eh? It’s been a funny old week for a lot of reasons not least the wedding that was without question the most disorganized happening ever even if it did end up on a good set of notes not least attending on my terms and showing many difficulties aside I can be far more responsible than my younger brother when it comes to dealing with changed circumstances and focusing on what really matters.

I think cuteness comes from within  actually, not that cannot look attractive and dress in a cute way if that’s you because it’s how you see things and act upon them and for me there’s a direct practically child like way of doing this which isn’t studied or otherwise affected. That’s the thing with me, you don’t get ‘adult’ games going on because they aren’t in me and moreover I don’t even understand how you might even play them so in ‘adult’ situations I am a ‘innocent abroad’ and am actually a lot more vulnerable than you may think.

You may call that ‘cute’. It’s just me being me!

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Awkward situations


Hmm, there are two things I need to say today of which the first is my cat died two days ago and I remain most upset being all over the place emotionally.

Second is what is the best way to deal with a situation where you feel an individual whose own post may of come to the attention of a sites moderation team to the point of being banned perhaps poses such a concern in the real world around that previous presence at the site in question.

In general as former moderator, I don’t care much for a person expressly calling out that person without providing some actual proof in the post that can be verified because when we strip this down to what is going on we’re making a public accusation, moreover we’re publishing it which has the potential for legal action.

On the other hand even though your handling of it may not quite sit with me, you do share that information that shows say a major disrespect of ethics, boundaries and even the law in extremely sensitive areas, then not withstanding that, I have to consider that your motivation is protection of people in vulnerable situations who because of previous contact my members may face, the real risks involved and what I would see as the need to show our rules have to be seen to be protected.

I think I would let your actions stand given the need to protect must be paramount in my judgement but censor you for not going through me first.

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Tidying up week


Well it’s a week on and yip, I made the week without any further ahem incidents, having gotten the huge piles properly organized, reduced considerably in scape and by clearing out some other unwanted and unused stuff space so it’s acceptable to the powers that be around here. Some stuff had to go to landfill but that couldn’t be helped as the recycling people didn’t want it and some charities have “No longer accepting” lists for stuff either because it creates issues for them like electrical stuff as that needs to be tested for safety or they have too much of such as VHS  tapes.

Outside of that I have been super busy tidying up the layouts on my blogs as some go back, well, over a decade so I was looking at better templates, trying to make them look less cluttered and so on. Another thing was you set apparently how wide your blog is within the template and connected with the days when computer monitors had  fairly small pixel resolutions they had been set pretty small so the actual blog content was squashed in  the middle with lots of space either side so I’ve made it much wider to better use the space  modern computer monitors and built in laptop screens have today. Of course when you do this you have to start setting  things like your text font, size and colour etc all up from scratch which is fun but I think it’s been worth it.

To me it’s a reflection that the odd incident aside, I do care about what I do, how I present myself and I am now prepared to put it right.

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In trouble this week

Rain it has to be said doesn’t do much for my bones at all so when it’s not okay to be  out then attention naturally turns to indoor matters and may be things that have been put off.

The other week I was talking about the mountains of VHS tapes that don’t get played as I no longer have a recorder and even the dvd box sets that seemed a good idea at the time that were rocketing skywards in piles and eventually I got around to tidying them up  and removing chunks untouched unplayed for like years and some instances decades.


“How many times do I have to tell you you have to do something about those high rise tower block piles of cd’s, Jo?” Well that would of been on a caption made for me cos I like have to deal with them which between a coffee break and writing this  I am doing cos they’re like rabbits, multiplying so I’ve been tidying them up so they’re in sort of order rather than last order used and thinning them out.

Later on I have to wait, have my progressed on this checked and then I’m to be bent over, knickers taken down for a paddling for shooting through repeated instructions to do this. Don’t feel sorry for me as I do need to learn from this experience.

Until the next time, bye.


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