Planning and achieving

Another Saturday sat by the keyboard paws at the ready as I type up a kind of spontaneous post on what has been a pleasant sunny afternoon here recovering from a migraine yesterday  that put most things on a hold.

Mine are what you call classical with the aura and tend to last typically three days where everything is super sensitive  to the slightest sound or flickering light for days after and it’s not uncommon for me to have involuntary spasm down the left side of my face.

Earlier on the week I was a bit busy tidying around the shelves my stereo lives being old-fashioned enough to have a complete set of separates rather than either an all in one system or play everything from a computer.

I needed to get to the connectors of the original compact disc player to unplug it and remove ready for a newer more expensive model as the rest of system is capable of a more higher standard of reproduction and many of recordings I have and enjoy are so well recorded would be a pity not to take advantage of all they have to offer.

Where this ties in with this is blog is I carefully considered how to tackle the physical side of it to minimize the inevitable pains involved in doing it when your paws are like mine, breaking it down to chunks doing a bit at a time and I managed to get it done fairly straightforwardly.

Learning to think through tasks to make things better for me has been one the things I have been learning to do over the last few years and it seems to coming together now.

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Reflections from Summer Camp

It’s Saturday afternoon here the week after we had no posts cos as I mentioned the previous week I was going to be away on a kind of vacation but one designed very much for people like me so that’s why there’s a post gap and if there is a post scheduler in WordPress I sure haven’t mastered it in the I have on Googles blogger.

Anyway on my main LG blog – details on the ‘about’ page on this blog – on Monday there will be a blog entry covering what I and my friends did during this period when it comes to the activities cos in some respects it’s like Summer Camp but for legal adults with very child-like personalities which as we all know is me like totally. I mean who else could just get super excited by bubble wands running around in circles???


Or even something like a sports  day even if you’re lousy with balance and co-ordination cos you just like the dashing about and taking part?

When it comes to some of my not so good attributes that lead to the publishing of this kind of a blog following my arrival at SN actually I was pretty good, not perfect so yes I get a few brisk hand spankings for not paying proper attention to what the person who looks after me said I didn’t need to be caned both of which I’m glad about  cos for me this really is a need, never a fetish or a scene thing and my bottom needs spanking so my attitudes change their tune.

For me though this is progress however because I did more things everybody else is expected to do without having to be told to, I did exercise more maturity than I have for most of my life within what I AM capable of and of doing what I AM physical capable of. I even got an special badge for being extra helpful!


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Vacationing little


There won’t be a post next week on account of it being what for all intents and periods amounts to a kind of a vacation for me albeit on where it’s share with friends that is very child-like with lots of play and yes I’ll actually be doing something for it!

That means of course I have to get myself organized such as arranging travel, sorting through clothes to wash and pack with me for six whole days, fetching the case down from by the loft and scheduling blog posts in my absence.

There is inevitably communication between the organizers and attendees like me but there’s also that between the person who looks after me too so one message I had was to say they’d packed spanking implements including the cane to use on me should my behaviour warrant it which isn’t the sort of conversation you’d get in any other context than that of littles and caregivers (or the wider spanking community).

That’s the whole thing here: It is very much a way of life that continues on no matter where we are including on day trips and vacations meeting my needs and giving them the space to show that love and care as a caregiver to me. Life couldn’t be sweeter.


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Random thoughts from last week


I did get away as those who read my other blogs will be aware although it was somewhat more last minute than I normally care for so I was rather busy packing apart from having a migraine in the middle of last week and being sick with gone off milk the day before.

That’s why we didn’t have an entry last weekend, I was so low on spoons I wasn’t able to make one Friday morning in an hour before setting out even. Anyway although it rained, we had a good time at a friends having an indoor picnic rather than the outdoor one we planned playing and chatting with each other.

As well I did mess up the Friday afternoon stopping with the person who looks after me so it was instant bend over and ten hard smacks over my knickers and all over and done with which is just how my life actually is rather than some bdsm based thing which is cool if that’s you.

My remade Tumblr is working out fine being more for age regressed me with the odd bit of discipline based spanking mixed in it reflecting just how this life is with me a very child-like life from my era focus having fun, enjoying cute things playing much more cos this life was never about ritual pain and humiliation in the way sadly some have just presumed on the basis that because they see spanking content, then what they get from is the same for me. That Tumblr is never less than 92% safe for work, is completely non-sexual and that includes the tiny portion of spanking only having ‘explicit’ on it to keep minors rightly away as well as anyone who may sensitive to ’18+ models posed in school context ‘ spanking images from proper adult services agencies.

Ta-rah for now and paws crosse they’ll be a post this weekend.

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Remake, remodel


Phew, its been a warm week here leaving me struggling to do much after say washing up a few nights outside of listening to some music and talking with my BFF  for a short while about various things.

One thing has been what to do about my secondary Tumblr because it’s had a number of problems ever since I restored it in late January 2016 some of which stem from being a secondary of a very much safe for work age regression tumblr so I had people following the ‘wrong’ tumblr and a bigger problem with people following the right one for the ‘wrong’ reasons expecting to be a very sexual tumblr and posting my own stuff on theirs that brings more of the same.

We all know for me age regression and also speaking that in my instance features in was never about roleplaying someone younger for ‘adult’ sexual reasons at all and the ramifications of that just freak me out never mind unsolicited advances and porn people following.

Well I’m remaking it as there’s only just a few people who I interact with – generally people who are age regressors with caregivers who do spank when we mess up and to get away from a lot of those other characters.

I *may* be away next weekend – it’s all a bit up in the air – with friends who have already reminded me if act up they will have no qualms about spanking me quite firmly to teach me a lesson if they judge I’m needing it. I’m just grateful people care that much to help me learn to behave appropriately given my past issues.

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Celebrations and ramblings

Well, this Canada Day tm you won’t find me doing an awful lot to be honest  cos for one thing it’s party time with our 150 years to celebrate and for another and typically I have a cold so I may have to stick with hot drinks.


Been a funny week talking with my BFF the number of times we somehow end up crossing the road with our footwear right in a rain  puddle soaking our shoes and tights to the point those in charge of us while not getting super angry with us, needless to say smack our bottoms a few times for being careless about how we cross the road and how come we never noticed that puddle.

I’ve been working on re-copying come of my cds to play on my music player especially when I’m unwell as the thing that converts the cd to a smaller file (the codec) I was using in copying program at one point seems to really mess up the sound so without getting too technical I’ve replaced the files in AAC format done with fdk-acc for Mp3 format ones done with Lame which sound a lot better. While I’ve been doing that they’ve been working on a new blog for 40K Gaming and painting models messaging each other which is fun.

Going back to my last entry about the mysterious person who ahem wanted to turn my bottom red, well that was the last I heard from him! Until next week, have fun!

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The slipper and I

Today some fairly presumptuous spanker leaves a message to say “Have you ever had a slippering?”. I mean this is Joanne here, you’ve all read this blog, you may even have an account at a well known spanking site where I do post and am open about what happens to my butt. Just what kind of a question is it from someone  I had nothing to do with?


The one constant in my life now is whenever I mess up I am to be spanked without question and the short answer that persons question is indeed, I am slippered starting over underwear and then they are taken down to my ankles for the remainder until I am at the point of full contrition.

I am grateful that at least now a naughty Joanne will always get her bottom spanked because the odd setback aside, it is learning me to think about and change my attitudes and behaviours rather than acting like a spoilt child.


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