The recent controversy over Lego’s Discovery Centre’s refusal to admit childless developmentally disabled adults on the basis of a adults with no kids not permitted end of policy puts elements of how people legally by virtue of age deemed adult but functionally not adult requiring caregivers are treated very much into play.

Few would question the rightness to put the protection of children first but an ‘adult’ session was not a suitable replacement for those prevented by this as the situation would be too stressful, lack a child-like feel and given the need for carers not work out as many put those most effected and needing such an experience, would be being put to bed as such a session would be underway.

Some pointed out those of us who are like this, are vulnerable ourselves, that many carers are vetted in away parents with children attending were not and that some parents use children to sadly get access to abuse others. As well, as the refused were offered  a pre-booked visit escorted at the same times, capacity nor physical safety wasn’t an issue either.

Society has a need to recognize our needs and how they can be better accommodated within the rules that are rightly about visitor experience while respecting that in so many ways you just can’t lump us in with ‘adults’. As much as I dislike labels and labelling, perhaps some legal category should exist with an issued card to make it easier for people to grant appropriate exemptions?


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