Ms Jo’s past

Okay, so you’ve seen the blog title and are wondering around who or what JoKitten really is so I’ll try to explain that to you.
JoKitten is the vehicle of this blog, the voice of a troubled teen left alone dealing with her past which is in her present, her needs not met by ignorance, misguided professional advice, and borderline emotional neglect.
She has complex emotional needs being insecure in herself, her abilities, the intentions and meanings of others, she has limited understanding through medical conditions of how the world revolving around her operates and how she is to interact with it.
Rather than teaching her by example these things, she is left to fend for herself where more often than not the world assumes she knows, so she messes up, they tut tut and  she retreats inward again into the next forced interaction in a cycle that so unsatisfying.
She doesn’t know it’s ways at least in part because the were not explained to her, nobody give her a consequence that children had for it and the reassuring love that it was all over she could start all over again.
She just felt the world had no use for her becoming more and more angry, taking it out anyone weaker than herself. She had an inner brat that she was using aided by a pack of cards and was set for a troubled life.

You see the only thing that really met her needs was this but it rare she got anything like it for a host of reasons like she was disabled so they didn’t want to make her sad, they thought she was frail, her family was troubled so it wasn’t her fault and anyway wasn’t asking her kindly to stop it the proper way for such a sensitive young thing?

sp images4

The trouble was she never paid much attention to that as her ability to work out by reasoning what it wasn’t good, her attention span poor and by the time it was really sugar coated for good measure it was useless.

In her later adult life Ms JoKitten, found she was missing so much from her life that she started to look back at her chequed past, the missed steps to turn her around and formed the startling view she’d rather be in that time in her head.
She learned to live more for the moment, enjoying everyday things as they happened without feeling the need to keep on asking the questions Why? and What?
It was something she lived from her childhood that still smelt sweet even though she had adult things to attend to and was still struggling from what she saw as her elective abandonment to fate.
She wanted to go back and start all over again.


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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