Past into present

There is a good deal of the child in me as there is in most of us hanging around and generally speaking for me it’s mainly a good thing in that it it contains much of what it is that truly interests me at the level of development that I’m at because of my development issues. For those who even don’t have them, working with that sense of wonder, innocence, creativity and boundless enthusiasm is indeed a very good thing.

But there’s another side to this, which is that same child within that can feel feel comfortable frittering away the morning on social media or certain web sites or that can go all whining about it being to  cold to go out for a brisk walk. When faced with say task to complete with that may pay  dividends says “Naw not fun”.  That child sees all this frittering of time and keyboards as great because it feels nice and easy even though it may do nothing for my health, bring in the things I need never mind money.

It’s a voice that comes saying when considering health eating why as life should be pleasurable, that faced with that moderate bit of exercise says it’s not comfortable, not fun and anyway wouldn’t you rather spend all that time online as life’s too short for misery. And that same voice, her’s, says the same supporting procrastination when faced with important and often deadlined tasks. She tells me to stop doing things that are hard, to keep away from the scary, to be lazy when what I want requires doing too much work. when she is about.She doesn’t want to have to work for the things she knows she wants and needs.And when she’s about she is stopping me from being responsible even within my limited means because she is in control and hasn’t received the kind of parenting that moves you on .


That ‘inner child’ when she presents in me absolutely needs parenting. She needs spanking so when not being responsible it is uncomfortable, that laziness is no longer a fun thing allowed to happen  and that working toward meeting my needs by myself as hard as it is, is made to happen. It’s time Jo aged — going on 12 got it.


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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