Going back to go forward

For a variety of reasons explained quite rightly elsewhere, I’m what some might call a ‘Little’ even if in certain respects I’m almost a middle having more the mindset of someone around 10-12 years and for what what we’re talking about in this blog it’s enough for any person to know that if they were going to working with me on my behaviour as a mentor, that it’s very much a part of me to be worked with.

Let’s say effectively we used that actual sense of being the child bypassing the so-called Grown Up era altogether by age play role play, for all intents and purposes turning back the clock?


Let’s say you had me dressed neatly in school uniform everyday, making me a schoolgirl, having to care for my uniform and being given a very clear set of rules to follow and being scolded very much like a child.


In this ‘age-play’ situation going ahead putting my over that table (or your knee) spanking me as that schoolgirl who needs discipline.


Having you pull up my dress, exposing my bottom  as you paddled me until my bottom was sore and putting me in a position where I’d submit to authority rather than challenging it

Being in such an age play situation for the purposes of mentoring me, correcting my behaviour and encouraging better attitudes and what the heck-maturity- on my part may well be the best way forward for me because I’d be in my more natural headspace,while you’d be parenting that child presenting as the intellectual age also subject the child-like punishments and rewards as if I was chronologically the age I act.. You’d make me learn that way.

How about it?


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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