Repeating the years

When I wrote about how one might reset the clock by using age-play like regression in the context of dealing with my behaviour by repeating in some ways the years and so in effect being re-parented I didn’t consider how this might just actually happen for real although I do wear my schoolgirlish clothing ordinarily.


I am now wearing a very much infant style purple gingham dress, just a little on the short side while I am to be spanked or otherwise punished so I outwardly resemble a child about to receive it’s corrections. I also spend six minute or more beforehand standing in the corner reflecting on my behaviour before the spanking starts. It makes me feel very small being that child and also feels much more like the kind of punishment some of my peers got and when I was lucky and for once was punished it was more like.


One difference is though because I am well older, my bottom gets spanked on the bare although I do wear a traditional school knickers under the dress, they are lowered and so all spankings are bare with me which on the very few occasions in the past I was was also the case so it takes me back a bit to the past which is apt as in a way I’m repeating it.  Being spanked in this setting is adding a lot of poignancy, this ritual leaving me feel very much like the child who’s been given the spanking she deserves.


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Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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