Spanking therapy.

When I first started this mentoring earlier in the year, something that was mentioned  was outside of sanctions that would include punishment spankings was the idea of spanking as a relief for stress which was new to me having only previously associated spanking with punishment so didn’t do anything with it but as my stress levels are highish it was suggested to me to consider trying this as part of managing my stress and anger issues. They are called “Stress relief spankings” that are basically one that’s administered when you’re stressed. It’s not that I’ve done anything wrong (so far) but may be on the edge of misbehaving by losing my temper. This  isn’t just being administered to alleviate my stress  but also is to prevent me from getting Punishment Spanking caused by argumentative behavior or other negative attitudes building up in me and may comprise of between 14-24 swats from a slipper.


The first one was  like this.  My skirt was been pulled up and twenty swats administered across my thin knickers with a rubber soled slipper. My bottom is stinging several hours afterward but as this is to happen to me from now on, I feel I ought be grateful for being stopped. And I am. Following the introduction of the dress my many stress relief spankings have been bare bottomed and because of my difficulties in staying focused, one on occasion an additional six strokes of the hairbrush were applied to make my bottom more stingy as well as being sat on hard seated chair afterward so I really felt the discomfort. Thing is it also has confirmed something  important, that I’m a girl who needs to be spanked to keep me on the straight and narrow, to control my urges to lash out when beyond reasoning and what lies with the child.


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