Thoughts on responsibilities and consequences

After a fun few days with my littles friends, I’m back having written up an account of that time but part of this blogs function is for me talk about things around feelings and emotions that effect how I behave.
We had a bit of a discussion about this event, what we get from it, the running of it and talk turned to rules and responsibilities because we’re a private group who hire a venue for fixed number of days so you have some contractual business about damage over above so-called normal damage or wear and tear that whoever books it for us assumes sole liability for.
Concept such as consequences that go beyond that of an individual came into mind such as say marking a venue in such a way that may be hard to remove without damaging it all in the pursuit of an innocuous game because it may leave us effectively banned.
Another area that came up was when people volunteer to do something as a person had, slept through the morning of the day what they had undertaken was to have happened, leaving another to step in having to be dragged to complete the last step.
This person tends to stay up all night even though they know they have responsibilities and fail to follow through.
I know if I were to had done that, I would quite rightly facing consequences, very likely painful ones at that for it because not only would it be because being capable of it, I chose to put my own immediate pleasure first, but also it created problems for others.
Speaking personally, I know I have not always done what I was capable of at such events, tending to leave things to others or wait to be asked specifically to do something but this time things went very differently.
I suppose the start point was starting out on the to the venue, the person who took me there and back who is discipline and bdsm aware shall I say, gave me three firm smacks across the back of my dress with the “and be good” look.
That in real time put me in a “better be good” frame of mind very much like you might recall from your childhood.
We forgot to make a rota for chores connected with setting up for, serving and clearing away meals which does make you more accountable because it’s set out in black and white what you are to do although if you need assistance you may ask for it.
Well I just got on with setting out everything for breakfast like cereals, milk, orange, bowls and glasses without even being asked and equally I set the table for one cooked evening meal.
Why? Because I, Joanne am capable of it and it needed to be done.
I ensured I was up and around to complete on time and I also helped as and when required with no back chat or face pulling.
Now that in my life is an absolute first.
If anything was needed to show for why it was I needed the mentoring complete with spanking, then that was it. JoKitten can be turned around.


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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