Rabbits and chat

I’m going to be off for a couple of days this week  so between getting ready for that and just finishing things off I’m getting this weeks weeks entry done where I noticed I have a new follower, so thanks.

This weekend as it is like an extended one for many of us, happens to be Easter and the Bunny has come with Eggs for much consumption so I wasn’t rejected by the Bunny for past transgressions.

Talking of which I’ve been keeping strictly to my bed time and critically complying with having my cellphone and netbook being kept downstairs way out of reach in case I have a moment of weakness and spend all night on it. That’s the reality of addictions.

Has anyone ever had the experience of talking to people on various social media by choice of the other person, getting along well only to find after a photo request by themselves they chop you off completely, blocking you? I mean your profile pretty much says everything you’re about and in to, you have hundreds of posts about them and even though in real life I’m cleared to speak for hours face to face with people with nobody else present in  a room, with me they treat me as a threat? And haven’t we all had the experience of encountering someone who may of looked outside of the mainstream and found actually they’ve been the most helpful person we met that day?

Anyway after that negative encounter  I had a fun time talking with a woman around spanking needs and she said she’d just love to spank me! Too bad there’s an Ocean in the way cos I just love her funny but level headed personality.


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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