Getting along the right way PtII

Following on a bit from last weeks entry it wasn’t just the heady rich syrupy My Rights that worked it’s way through corroding your backbone and making it hard to slot in the World as it is, there was something else too.

An enabler.

From the least expected place it came along saying you and you alone were special and entitled to demand a better deal than your peers.

You could have different rules in effect because they would refuse to accept the idea you’d be treated the same as others on the basis of either you couldn’t help it or your life is hard enough as it is, taking that to any authority figure, another parent, group leader or school jumping up and down screaming about the injustice of it.

Or maybe you’d encounter some group or other that would encourage you in doing just that.

The strange thing was while I thought at the time I was entitled to refuse to be treated like any other kid, when as did happened those people just plowed on treating me the same to the point of also just going ahead and spanking me regardless, I did feel it did me more good and I did manage to behave myself better around them.

Somethings can have a dual purpose which no doubt has a lot to do with their acceptance in domestically delivered discipline.


It often goes through my hair, keeping it straight, knot free and even having a soft massaging feel.


On the other side, that has been used on me to deliver firm memorable spankings that are changing some long term destructive patterns of behaviour not before time.


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Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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