Dress and the adult kid.

Sometimes the question may get asked why wear clothes associated more with Girls as a Adult Girl?

To me it’s not a hard and fast rule that anyone who sees themselves more as a Adult female child should have to dress like one and for a good number of us, it may get in the way of things such as workplace dress codes and so on and at times I do wish some in our (ALG) community were a bit less uptight over it. I mean it’s only fabric after all.

There are a number of settings though where I do feel it’s of very real benefit of which one is if you’re with a Adult authority figure (male or female) in a relationship where anything like this needs to be talked through.

The other might be you do have an external authority figure or Mentor, you don’t but may be meeting others possibly with some responsible adults or it’s just how you see yourself.

To me the principal advantage is simply it makes you look more the Child you are because it removes the last bits of adult standing from your appearance at a distance.

You look into the mirror and you see something more like that child in it which aids you in doing those things that come natural to you as the adult child as you see nothing unchild in you.

An almost as important advantage when it comes to dealing with Adult authority figures is they see the child, their girl who looks very much it as they treat you very much like the junior you are, playing, drinking your milk and watching cartoons.

I love character t shirts like Hello Kitty ones and being in dresses and skirts which also happen to be easier when it comes to giving me my spankings in them in what is a very authentic junior experience leaving me clear just who is in control.

When it comes to underwear I like fuller briefs sometimes with cute designs on that are more like the sort you had when you were younger rather than anything that’s clearly more grown up. My feeling is that’s more appropriate for the adult-child you are and are being treated as.


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Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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