Little and big recoveries

Here we go so I’ll start with some boring technical stuff which is the search engine, Google, is giving priority to mobile compatible websites when it comes to search result listings.

I tested this blog and it wasn’t regarded as mobile compatible so as I feel what you need on a desktop view is different than a mobile, I’ve set a separate mobile version for those of you accessing it via mobile or tablet.

Anyway what’s been going on this last week in my land?

Well, the big thing has been the difficulties getting back together after a particularly bad migraine that lasted more than four days and left me struggling until the end of this weekend to begin to clear.

Unfortunately despite posting a “Caution I’m unwell and unavailable” note at one site, I messages left complaining I wasn’t around and I want to talk to you some having a very indignant tone.You all know I hold my hands up for being klutzy at times and lacking a bit when it comes to personal responsibility but I did try let people know. Honest I did.

With that in mind, I’m planning more on moving most of that area of discussion the site has some good uses for elsewhere where the numbers may be smaller but it’s users are more considerate with a fun side and they’ve accepted me more like a long lost sister.So thanks persons who know who and where you are.

When it comes to my behaviour which as we know was a mess a while back, I’m officially doing good, carrying out chores without reminders or back chat, being responsible a way that matches more what I can be with the limitations I have.

It sounds funny but it feels good to be me with people more now and I’m getting help with some other areas to build on this.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me along this path. It’s the one for me,


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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