And you did…Nothing?

After that last post and the frustrations around one site between the creeps and the less than socials who just want your personal time for messaging rather than forum type shared posts I’m settling in and think I will be doing a mini blog for it between what I regard as my proper blogs like this one.And you know what the short descriptive bit on this blog says right?

Well, I really asked for it didn’t I with a super high amount of offences around procrastination that caused me to miss doing a lot of really important things for no better a reason than I just didn’t feel like it.I mean even getting the report out this week nearly didn’t happen either so guess who’s in trouble?

Yip it’s me.Changed, in the corner facing the wall to reflect on how I let myself down for what was about six minutes but felt much longer.Bared and getting sixteen strokes of the paddle punctuated with ows and sobs as the pain really stings.


Feeling the pain lasting as the pain-relieving initial effects wear off especially when sat on a reddened bottom.

Having to work on plan to stop procrastination or face deferred additional punishment and a week of early bedtimes.

This has been the most painful spanking I’ve ever had bar none and is very much what I deserved helping me focus on dealing with this, I mean in 2015 I really shouldn’t be messing up so I do thank my mentor for my punishment which should help motivate me.

I need to get this sorted for me.


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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