Dodged punishment

Another week and I managed to dodge the deferred half of the paddling although I’ve been having to get done one main task per day and they are to be reviewed later because part of deal is I have this chance to show I can get going without having that deferred paddling first.
For those who are curious as to what a Punishment Spanking is and the roles of both, the following drawing is helpful.


For the Daddy, Mentor or caregiver there are some important principals to follow and this illustration covers them well I feel.


Aftercare is critical as while correction is something adult kids need and I’m no exception, it occurs in a loving relationship and so it is important to show your love of the person even though you have to correct the behaviour.
When the slate has been wiped, it must feel to the one who has been been punished it’s all over with.

Fingers cross for later in the week.


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