The “Why” of spanking

I was reading a piece on a blog (Cornertime Confidential) for and about adult teen boys around the topic of what you get from spanking but given that was mainly centred around boys I felt I’d write a more adult little girl angle response.

For me it ties into very much that sense of being from a psychological angle very much being a child which in me hovers at feeling no more than 12 and at times quite a but younger not just by way of interests but also the sense of the requiring guidance as that child in the way child of that actual age does.

That guidance only happens when it’s clear where the boundaries between that child and the adult responsible parental figure lie which for an adult being that child comes very much from consent I give to be treated by them as that child and from that point on, they have the final say.


Implicit in it in some respects is starting out as an accepting of the need and wish to be held to account through frequent contact and reporting while in the final analysis he is the one who determines its outcome, how far it should go and I just take it.

Being bared and having your bottom reddened leaving it feeling on fire as you take each sting leave me in a very much diminished status while at the same time I find it better aids me to change my behaviour .

I am very much the kind a person who although legally over 18 needs this strict discipline in their lives and am grateful that in 2015 I am being spanked for my own good.


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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