On punishment spanking

For all the provocation that came my way last week, I did rather well putting in a really good report so there was no need to be given a Punishment spanking which is quite something for me.

For me spanking is always on the bare. The feeling is memorable as you are there, knickers down to knees adding an additional sense of shame and loss of authority like a naughty child with nothing now between you and your spanker’s implement is palpable as you take your punishment


It may be that they’re lowered ready for the scolding adding to your embarrassment as you just stand there minutes away from the actual spanking. The feeling of all pervasive shame is powerful.


Or you go over his knee, your skirt is raised and he tugs your knickers down to your knees sending a clear message to you, that your are in his hands and your bottom will pay the price for being a naughty girl as it’s made very sore, glowing red for your own good.

When this happens, it puts me back in a very child like headspace with any sense of adult authority diminished with you clearly in control of the spanking I will get.
I feel it’s essential to my correction this happens to me.


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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3 Responses to On punishment spanking

  1. MG_Spanks says:

    Punishment spankings should always be bare bottom and over the knee is preferable as its so much more intimate and personal between both parties.

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  2. MG_Spanks says:

    Your most welcome Joanne
    You might enjoy my spanking blog perhaps we should link?


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