An unforgettable correction

Yesterday something happened to me that I never expected. You all know how from this year onwards I’ve been mentored, given love some good guidance about handling situations and myself  and how I am held to account from now on and am spanked  to help my behaviour and attitudes so I not before time act more maturely and that is the odd relapse apart working so well in turning me around.

Well I was staying with a friend and when we got talking I mentioned about this and how I found it so helpful and it happened this person does spank other people who are happy with it.

I asked them if they’d be prepared to discipline spank me when they felt I was in need of it as one of my problems is trying to deal with me by rapid scolding with lots of words just doesn’t work for me and I sometimes I really get things wrong when I’m with them.

Much to my surprise they agreed to and knowing me in my little side seldom in anything other than my schoolgirl uniform for a good period of time, I trust them. Well, having had breakfast something happened or rather it didn’t  as one of things is I’m meant to help out when I’m with them and I didn’t get started helping with washing up tumblr_nctsvy0m111u0008to1_500

After making a start on helping with a stern prompt, I was called back by them who was sat on an open armed chair, standing to the side of them as I was to put my arms around them at which point I was told to bend over their knee as they showed me the wooden paddle.

Having been helped in position, I feel the hand on my back as my skirt is lifted,and their hands gently warming up my bottom as I’m laying there unable to  do anything as my knickers are  adjusted to expose my now bared bottom.

Without warning I feel the first stroke land, I scream, squirm and sob  as with every stroke I feel the force of the paddle coming down. I do the spanky dance without realizing it, legs dancing off the floor but I am reduced to the powerlessness of a child  having  to take her spanking and the ever hotter feel of my bottom burning as it turns a deep shade of red but it never stops until she’s done with me.

Eventually and equally without prior notice it stops and I am told to stand up where with no thought, I just put my arms around them thanking them  for spanking me and  agreeing my bottom needed it while I feel at that moment just like a real child punished by an aunt.

A new bond is formed between  ‘child’ and grown up friend as immediately afterward we just get back to everything cos I’ve been forgiven, this is the past but I know it’ll happen again if I  mess up.

Everything just felt natural, unforced coming into place and really this was one of the best experiences when it comes to disciplining me in  a way that is effective without confusing me.


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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