A word from Daddy’s Daughter on His day

There are a few things I do to talk about today of which the first is I actually gave my Father a hug today apart from getting him a cute card with a teddy on it,which as I think most of you know is Fathers Day which I haven’t in like absolutely ages because of some the things I experienced which I wrote about last week.

The second is I’m officially going well according to my Mentor and I looking more into self worth and related issues like self confidence  so I feel at stressful points I can deal with them well as well as working more on creating self space in my own mind when things do get stressful at home.


Related to an upcoming bit due Monday on the my main blog, I’ve been thinking a bit around where it is exactly in the World of littles I really fit and I think I’ve got that sorted following some interesting interactions on Tumblr where the question was asked.

One consideration was needs as in needs in exploring more of the World, being more aware of what it is going on, pushing boundaries in an attempt to gain greater independence together with getting rather bratty and talking back although I do still have a lot of the classic younger little girl in me.

This takes us into into what you all know about, how I still have a need for discipline and structure in my life and that spanking as more like a child is part of it to the point that when it happens (and believe you me it does) my over the knee spankings is just like  that that picture above, in uniform and the only major difference is by some point my underwear will be lowered as I’m always spanked bared.

That’s a more Middle situation even if as in my instance you’re only at the starting block and bits of you remain a few years younger, so I’d say I’m a middle with littles side as even when I was that age in ‘original’ childhood, some of my interests were more with the 9’s and 10’s in my early teens even if the school discipline I was under was very much ‘Middles’.

That’s why that picture in a cropped form is my avatar at Tumblr, because it sums up perfectly that middle, in uniform and subject to the spanking we had then and you all know I have now.  I’m not naughty, never was really naughty, just impulsive, impressionable, lacking attentiveness at times and badly in need of guidance and yes needing spanking to correct those errors of judgment.

I do intend to do a bit of work with the about page on this blog because I really feel Experience Project site has run out of steam, is being dumbed down to the point so few actually write about their  experience just preferring to like short posts or get folks kik, yahoo or facebook details and talk there instead.

They also are supposed to be discontinuing their own limited blogging which I found useful for putting out links in one tidy spot although that place won’t allow any web site address to be published. As well I feel I’ve outgrown it and its drama queens, trolls and rant laden weirdos.

What I intend to do is to put links to things like my Tumblr on that tab so there’s a one stop shop for the places I talk and hang out at. I’d do that on my main blog but there’s a few who see spanking related stuff as a trigger and freak out like you say ‘spanked’ and they make tracks from chat nights in double quick time so you can imagine what something a little more graphic might go down.


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