Jo pays the price

Well, many things happened this week such as becoming friends with some nice people on Tumblr who do share an interest or two in common with me and to whom I’ll be spending a little more time together with online as  EE fades from my life with no story comments and even less pestering sexual “Wanna chat wid yo” requests.

But on to what’s really the meat of this weeks entry that goes back almost a decade actually around something that’s a part of my everyday outdoor existence that like anything wears out and is replaced or with me your told You are to.

Except when that happened a good number of years ago my nine year old version decided  to really rile Mom and just defiantly refuse to and not wishing a confrontation didn’t pursue the matter at the time.

But every 3 months or so she’d start of again saying how they needed to replaced and would offer to go with me to get them but I’d keep that initial defiance still going as she’d get madder and madder and so it would go I felt quite embarrassed after really complementary communication from  my Mentor about this whole thing, less the fact it needed replacing but the attitude behind it and did get around to it.Not before time that nine year olds decision  got acted upon by a grown up. tumblr_nc1mubUrrC1tbati5o1_400

My bottom got spanked with a slipper which although it was over my underwear this time, that was thin it really made a impression (slippers really can sting!) and I had to do Corner Time to reflect on it. The pattern of behaviour as just typical of how I was at that period in my life having started down that attitude, I’d just would not give it up and is why I needed spanking, to help break an immature cycle of behaviour in me. It won’t happen again, I promise.


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