Of progress and tests


Here we go with this weeks entry, not that I’m feeling particularly well at the minute recovering from a migraine but this weeks been pretty good on the whole with a good report from Sir and doing really well with my homework.
Indeed I felt really quite emotional talking about how it felt for the first time I had got a Gold Star and a 10/10 for an assignment to a group of friends given the all to real difficulties I’ve had in the past just being prepared to put something like that or handing a project in complete, to a high standard and on time.
My friends some of whom are not wholly in this lifestyle, were really pleased for me because they understand not just the struggles I’ve had with this in past, the importance of the support I had from the beginning of year in identifying and dealing with the things that lead to that struggle but that I am making really good progress too.
Indeed I wrote a bit explaining around this in my regular blog in what was well read and generally well received entry although one person whom will remain nameless completely got it wrong and then started going into overdrive around things that play no part in it which took the edge of things, especially when you’re having to deal with that when you’re really unwell.
Unfortunately for them, I make my own decisions about how I deal with my needs in life and what it takes to help me make the most of my life and that so many people understand, respect and support it because they see the difference it makes.
In that respect, I have no ill feelings towards talking about that subject at all simply because what I write about is about myself, my interests and yes my life even and in my own space I don’t see why I should feel I should have shut down things.
And talking of writing I have a English Composition to do by the months end as the end of term test to work on while will be a priority for me which should prove interesting although I have the guidelines for it to work from.
While doing so I will be in my school uniform which is kinda appropriate really as homework and tests are very much a part of being in that schoolgirl middles headspace with me which is very good for me cos it just ‘is’ me.


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Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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