This was not it had to be said a good week for me cos for one thing I had to help an awful lot cos Dad was and is quite unwell with a bad chest infection not helped by other complications not least cancer.

I had a very bad flashback on Tuesday morning to a fire I was involved in, waking up at night smelling something convinced the house was on fire and ‘seeing’ flames shutting up from the floorboards as I stood there shaking violently and was very shaken for days.

If that wasn’t enough, I only learned on the occasion of my older brothers birthday he’d to go to hospital with a heart problem as he had an incident at work that required medical attention and then only cos I phoned and he’d had this for two weeks!


The big question really is how did I cope with all this which messed up my plans for the week?

Let’s start with the home front, Mom just took control, informing me plans had changed and I was to help her not least with getting the shopping in from our nearest town on the bus. No discussion, you’re just doing this, end of.

That was so Middle, told what you’re to do, because… I was like amazed as in the past anything like that would be “I’d like you to” that soon ended up in unresolved differences and you know what? I just said “Okay Mom” and got on with it without any back chat getting on the bus, helping push the shopping trolly, going into the stores without asking for anything, not a single murmur. She handled me right, they way people who get more from me do now.

The other things was, as you’re aware I have this English composition to do my Homework Mistress has set with a deadline and having lost a few days through this had the potential to effect my work.

My usual stock response to this kind of thing is either blank it out, hoping it won’t matter or shrug my shoulders and say I’m not feelin’ too good….” and not hand it in. But as this year I’ve had a lot help with things around self-discipline,even been disciplined over it by Sir, so I contacted her explaining the situation going on and asking if would be prepared to look at any way of helping me not feeling for once like giving out a list of demands.

I was thanked for being upfront at an early stage about what happened, being responsible and an extension was given to me so I can get it done, just like everyone else has to because I no longer get away with things instead.

Isn’t that amazing, a compliant me accepting adult authority, just doing things without argument, being a responsible child?

It happens because, you are firm with me and take control accepting this is the best way of handling me. You encourage me to trust and accept Your authority, listening to what I may say but having the last say. You work on this always reinforcing it with consequences putting me in a appropriate child-like discipline situation that matches my actual needs so I learn what is expected of me and just do it. I accept it all cos it works and above all feel safe.


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