Summer breaks

It’s summer so school is out and so you have more time to fill yourself which is probably a good  test as any when it comes to organizing time and trying to make sure having done that you stick with it.


This is a great caption that I claim no origination rights for whatsoever but does talk a bit about what Summer Vacation could mean and there is an awful lot of those thoughts in me as in a intense  period under the face to face guidance of mentor/caregiver working on issues.

One reason I sometimes talk with DD’s or caregivers is to get a fresh prospective on a topic or an issue I’m dealing with, not to over-ride him but to help deal with those occasions he may not be available. The trouble with that is all to often I get sexually charged messages from certain people who see themselves as Dominants or just wanting a female as a submissive toy for their own needs even if everything you’ve said in places makes quite plain that’s not what your about.

Like it would be nice to have a pleasant exchange with one who’d look at what you’re doing, how it’s going and what you need help with being prepared to be firm with you, giving you plenty of feedback when as is the case for a short period my mentoring/caregiving is on hold due to their (understandable) needs but you don’t get that.

It’s not that I’m ungrateful, far from it, but  those are constant needs so having a friend who is on the same wavelength who can step into that gap really helps but sometimes an ideal person may only want to be the dominant of One exclusively and you can’t blame them.

Somewhere there just has to be an answer to this.


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