Triggers and protect me from me

There’s two  things i going to talk about  which are not directly connected although the first certainly can have a direct impact on the second.

Like quite few people I do carry a certain amount if what you might call emotional baggage, some of which is childhood related, others coming from later on in life to the point that a mention of that topic or a particular word acts very much as a trigger with me and this can be a people in certain situations such as chat rooms.

This is because it throws me back to those very instances where I felt so emotionally distressed, it’s a lot lot more than say just feeling uncomfortable with a topic, more like you’re back in that moment. I may not realize until after several minutes just how far it’s affected me so just saying leave if you feel uncomfortable isn’t necessarily a help.

And this can effect my ability to sleep.

And that is the other subject, being away with friends to play as my little self really brought home my need for sleep as by late evening I was shattered, trying to stay awake in an attempt to be sociable but failing as those I was with spotted it.

They took me to bed regardless because they could see clearly that’s where I needed to be and assumed adult responsibility over me accordingly without any crabby fuss from me for once even though deep down I wanted to be up.


When I’m like that I need you to be firm, spanking me with my knickers down soundly with something like a hairbrush so the message really gets through to me about both the importance of getting sleep and also of obeying you because you have my real interest at heart and so won’t me let myself down.


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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