Littleness within relationships


I’m writing this with several differing thoughts running through my head of one of the first really revolves around what it means to be the lg half of this relationship which is something that cropped up when I was making a summary post elsewhere. See like it says on profile at one site I spend a lot of time posting on I’m a bit like a rash on the interwebs really, you’ll bump into my unexpectedly.Lol!

To me at one level it’s about how I perceive the world, my mindset is very much child-like having the same likes interests and of the momentness of an actual child so to a large extent for much much of the more adult mindset doesn’t apply. I might be an adult in law but that’s only cos my recorded age is over 18 and nothing to do with how I am on the inside. A significant amount of my needs are over 18 versions of  those of a child of 12 or younger and to be blunt You do have to care for me like that. That’s the elephant in the room those who like to see themselves setting how people like me should be cared for in the charities and social care sector, refuse to recognize within their sectors ethics.

In another way it’s extent to which I accept or permit you to provide for those needs including the really important emotional ones for me by allowing you to care for me as more that child with the acceptance of it being two differing halves, yours being dominant father figure to the child-like me who by submitting, allows you that space to express your love and care for me more as a parent, taking care of me and disciplining me arising from your loving care and concern for my well-being.

It shows in how you feel confident to bring up discussion of  Homework rules with rewards as well as punishments to help me learn as well as learn how to treat those who by setting such work are also helping me. My preparedness to accept them comes from my appreciation of why you raised them and acceptance of your fatherly love and authority in rewarding the good and administering firm but fair loving correction when not.

You leave me feeling care for and that is a lovely feeling


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