Musings before travelling

Another  week and yet more fun on that site with another group and  two of my experiences wiped with one happening within seconds of logging back in and a person deciding to launch a discussion that didn’t really connect with what my experience story was  about who then goes all Moi? when I call her out over it.

I don’t generally talk much about it here but I often wonder if there wouldn’t be advantages for being brought up gender neutral but upon reaching an age of majority being able to decide where you in terms of gender identity you are to be accepted as without so much of the baggage many of us bring with us being pushed through the rigid  binaries from such an early age.

After all gender is how you see your social identity in society  ore rather than just being based on your physiological make up.

Anyway, although I’ve been busy looking after Mom as she’s poorly I’ve been pretty well behaved this week despite plenty of temptation to lash out  with other peoples attitudes at and around me so Sir is very pleased with me as am I surprisingly enough.


I’ll be away with friends this week so I’ll be packing away my uniform which I’m to wear throughout  my time with them. My friends have total authority over their charge with on the spot application  of corporal punishment to me to correct my transgressions so I’d better be good otherwise I’ll be walking around like this,, nursing a very red sore bottom you rub through your skirt..

I am grateful they care so much to discipline me.


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Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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