Support in discipline

The other side of the main blog post is coming a bit late  due to being out today but anyway here it is to be read with it.

We discussed discipline for a period with me in school uniform sat at a desk looking very much a schoolgirl who could of so easily of been on the receiving end of it and indeed being sat their brought back some memories of having been ordered to follow the subject teacher into the stockroom at the behind the main class teaching area where I’d be spanked and sent back to sit clutching if not rubbing a sore bottom. It also brought back some memories of things I did back then.

One thing we talked about was where this ‘need’ slots in as some remarked for instance in school type role playing sometimes it’s like from the minute the role players come in it’s whack whack whack which to us suggested it for them being there was more about a love of corporal punishment more for the sensation and less of the discipline that might follow messing up an actual school lesson being taught. Generally we like prefer an actual class where you’re taught an actual lesson if we’re role playing ‘school’.

It did provide an opportunity to be very open to two members of the group about the return of Corporal Punishment in my life who were ‘in the dark’ as it were over it, explaining how  with me it just flows as the consequence for inappropriate attitudes and behaviour that is delivered and the difference it made.


They spontaneously spoke in support of it and how they were going to build on it whenever I’m with them to help me more.


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