Completing a cycle

Another week so here is the follow up entry to last weeks.

Generally I’ve been pretty good, avoiding getting dragged into arguments with folk who you’d swear positively enjoy starting them or are at least mutually incompatible but are unable or unwilling to resolve it properly.

I did my report for Sir this week pretty much on time being helped in a way by a ‘friend’ who if I could unfriend easily, I would, for their inability to keep to agreements and blatant interference and cyber stalking  not being around who then insists I reschedule…and misses that so I lose time for other things or just rest.


One thing we’ve been talking about is how to optimize the correction process for me as ending on something like “Go,  think about how you can avoid it” doesn’t work so well when it comes to getting making changes goes. I either draw a blank or just put it off.

What we did was move from the end of the punishment to performing the required actions as in that weeks example, doing some basic steps in tidying up straight away. In effect, you take me to whom you’ve given quite a spanking to and direct to do the tasks while my bottom is still burning and no real position to decline.

It does create a clear cut link between the the infraction that caused the punishment to be given as the consequence and taking responsibility for what happened by having to put matters aright straight away. That registers much better with me, which is the entire point behind my being disciplined-to cause me to make the change in my habits and behaviours and to put things right.


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