After last weeks entry I was half expect the odd scolding remark to come forward, not that it wouldn’t of been deserved in many ways but actually it’s a shock that nothing really happened, no comments, no spikes in views, nothing.

Anyway I have been continuing on tidying up my room, which as you understand really needs to be doing in bits so at least I might just get somewhere before Christmas which if I’m like most of you, you tend to find brings stuff you just toss in any old how and six moths on it doesn’t move but you haven’t the heart to dump it so I’d better had.

I’ve actually been pretty good-don’t die of shock- this week with Mom even saying she thinks I’m the only one that at least does something to help out domestically although her reluctance to do anything when I was “growing up” like give her daughter the spanking she badly needed didn’t help so it’s ironic she getting better behaviour and attitudes from me precisely  because today other people are setting appropriate standards for me and I am being spanked!

The best Christmas present for me ever was having a Mentor and having my bottom spanked cos while I’m a long way from perfect I have moved on, I’m thinking and acting  more maturely. The fact Mom has something good to say about me says it all.


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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