Presenting and power exchange

Sometimes what may motivate a change of attire may not be just a question of likes although you may well grow to but very much changed statuses

To me to be left or to have to put on outside of any grown up activity say a complete school uniform especially if every item has been determined for you has a significance beyond merely dressing.

It’s the act of putting on what you are required to wear as a sign of the acceptance of anothers authority, and what is more the loss of adult privileges so from the minute I walk down having put my blouse with tie,  non decorative school socks and underwear under my tunic, I become ‘Miss’.

Automatically ‘house roles’ apply to my conduct based very much on what a childs home rules would be, I will be told what to do, I will have chores to perform for the grown ups and from that moment until I leave I will be spanked by the grown ups for any transgressions as they feel fit.

I may have a say but they and they alone have the final one as I am their child.


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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