More real time correction

The following post is the other half of this post Onward Bound from my regular blog.
One of the things that makes my being with grown up authority figures so different than most is the relationship is expressly that of a child being with grown ups.
As you my know I do love colouring but I got so absorbed in that that I didn’t take part in any of the conversations going on around me.
Even when a subtle hint to drop the colouring was dropped by one, I still carried on regardless so I was called over to be spanked in front of everyone with the only concession to modesty being I did keep my underwear on, not that it provided much protecting from firm hand spanking.


That’s a big difference between how spanking works in my life compared to others, It’s not a ‘scene’, we don’t ‘go’ to a scene for it happens as if we’re a family in real time as they feel I’m needing it by prior consent but we ourselves don’t create a scene either.

One of the other things is any upcoming discipline threats are openly discussed between them and then announced directly to me as a caution so I was informed if I don’t buck up my ideas then I will be caned.


They will put me in position, pull my knickers down and set my bottom on fire including the sit spots so it really hurts to stop this behaviour.
Just in that matter of fact way my discipline and the price my bottom is set to pay is resolved.
So next time I have to do much better, showing respect to the grown ups who are caring for me by letting me be my little self and setting boundaries to keep me safe.


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Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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