Oops I got it wrong….

If you thought last week potentially at least I had something hanging over my head in the form of the threat of a caning if I didn’t stop being rude and ignoring those who are caring for me I’m in bigger and certain trouble that may be hard to digest.

Whenever I visit people I usually get them a small token of appreciation for their hospitality and wrap it up nicely  and this last time it was some chocolates from a leading chocolate maker over here. It transpires I wasn’t being really on the ball checking the use by date on them as they made two people ill and they were around five months out of date which I’d have to honest and say it never occurred to me to check  before wrapping as I thought that’s what the store would do and actually although the store shouldn’t of had them on sale, it was my responsibility and you know what I’m like with that.

I received a note I wasn’t expecting  informing me of what happened.


More to the point it has been decided when I next come, I am to be ushered way to more private spot and dealt with very much like that to teach me a lesson about the importance in taking responsibility for the food I give others which may help more than some super long scolding that won’t achieve anything really useful with me.

I may not be treated as an adult nor fully capable of adult things however I’m still to be expect to be responsible and so am chastised in more suitable way when I’m not.


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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