Fireworks part extras

Sorry I’m a bit late as I’m tired having been to a Littles, supervised by Grown Ups, party this weekend where we stayed up longer than really what’s ideal for me as the place I was to sleep in was where everybody was talking into the small hours.

The main account is here on my main blog: Fireworks party time

The first thing to say is yes I got spanked before most people arrived over the food poisoning incident while dressed in black tunic, white blouse with red and white tie, green gym knickers, white socks and shoes as after all I shot throw two opportunities to check it  before handing it over. Although it hurt, I’m glad it happened cos it’ll help me  remember the importance of checking food dates so I don’t make people ill by not checking them them. For good measure everybody there got to know what I did which is like embarrassing  and no doubt added just to further cause  me to remember it.

We were supervised for the whole time and a good number of us can be disciplined generally by caregivers present.  The other thing is near enough everybody knows I get spanked which reminds me so much of when I was young when we all knew what each of had done and which of us had bottoms well spanked for it.

For that whole period I felt very much child-like, playing freely and being without adult status and authority, subject while under adult supervision  and authority at all times. It’s the littlest I ever felt.


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