Renforced agreements

I haven’t been badly behaved as such at all this week, indeed most would say overall been on with the most maturest actions and conversations for a very long time, more ‘together’ than my siblings to be honest.

As I may of mentioned here before I have had accounts at various places before now, exploring more of myself as well as my interests and needs over the years and indeed I was to have removed one a short while back as simply all I got from when I logged in was people to delete for inappropriate messages and inappropriate remarks on my increasingly fewer posts and another was really a time sink in an area of interests I had moved on from.

I was reminded very much of it during the week…


So after removing my EE account which was well over due and deleting a Google Plus one and it’s long dead blog, I’ve been given a hand spanking help me remember to carry out agreed actions.

This should help me focus more on those things that do matter and make more sensible use of the reduced internet time that came in after my out of control website addiction was punished.

In 2015 a disobedient me has her knickers removed and spanked to contrition for my own good, the good for me things do include things that hurt like red stinging bottom, so please support my being spanked.

It may not be nice but nice things aren’t always the things that need to happen to cause me to learn and I’m happy that way.


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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