Seasonal changes

This week has been an odd one with the start of Advent that marks the countdown to Christmas very much and I have a Frozen chocolate Advent Calendar to do that with so apart from the chocolate it also has suggestions  and tips to make Christmas the most magical it can be.

In a lot of ways, things like that do really underscore very much the little/middles side of me that is dominant in my life, not least at the emotional and more psychological level and it’s needs which is why my  life is just the way it is.

It is very much child-like which is why I like when similar  minded people follow me here so thanks for that and running very much that is the structures, rules not so far removed from that of actual of my emotional age and spanking as one of the means of disciplining me.


It’s just helpful and necessary with me to go through with this.

I recently established a Separate side blog on Tumblr to focus more in spanking related posts as it gives me the space not to do what seems prevalent, reblogging images, but to talk about the how and why of it with me and that has lead me to write about some of those experiences in actual childhood and how I felt about them which I find quite helpful.

This was the thing that lead me initially to Experience Project in its early days as it just provided that platform to write and maybe those who had some shared experiences to talk and comment about it before changes on site discouraged folk from writing and others just joined to put ill thought out remarks on your ‘stories’ when not sending you dirty messages.

At Tumblr they’re rolling out threaded messaging with privacy options so we can talk privately easily to each other and my new spanking related one is coming up to 100 post and in a matter of weeks gained 44 followers in its own right probably cos it just different and has effectively replaced Experience Project.

If you wish to join, a link can be found on  my about page here.


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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