In from the cold

In case anyone had been wondering what had  happened to me  and why it was I missed the weekend post here it’s simply because I is very unwell with a rotten cold of the sort that left me aching all over.

Indeed this very morning I went to bend so I could smooth my dress down and pull up my knee length school socks and I felt my knee about to go from underneath of me which might give you an idea of how bad I am.

Anyway I just about managed to pull together a edition of my regular blog today although I’ll be taking a break until next week as it’ll take time to recover and I’ll be playing catch up in the last days before Christmas which probably matters more than blogging and you guys would rather I was responsible anyway.


Twirling around day

My spanking tumblr is coming along well, very well with 100 followers so far as I attempt to explain to a few just how discipline for legal adults fits in as for some folks all they know of is more sexual orientated spanking.

Anyway have fun this week, folks.




About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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