Christmas edition

Slowly recovering here, having gotten some cards written and gifts kinda taken care off so with any luck, Christmas despite my ongoing flu will finally come  together.

01aa I don’t have to hand the image credits but I just feel this is the image for what is going to be the last post post until after Christmas where as I think most of us can recall we were told we’d only have presents if we’d been good for at least most of the year.

Well, you know I’ve been trying from the very beginning  of the year to be good as people have worked on my attitudes and behaviour to deal with decades old neglect and indifference from other never mind my own refusal to accept for a long time the only thing around here that had to change was…me.

I needed spankings from the good guys which didn’t act out of malice or anger but more from their loving kindness that knows bad attitudes and behaviour needs correcting and who were prepared to spank my bare bottom to get the job done.

That was the best Christmas present I got last year: loving discipline and affection.

Happy Christmas everyone.


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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