Post Christmas edition

It’s an odd time of year to really considering writing this blog landing between Christmas and New Year but I thought maintaining some sort of publishing routine is desirable so I’ll start by hoping everyone has had the best Christmas possible.

Things here were a bit different with not being well, not going for Christmas Day lunch and so on although one aspect to Christmas with me was with the overseen changes in how I’m to behave and that, it was one Christmas where I had to be more responsible while at the same time having much less of a adult sense of Authority so I felt very little which given most of my presents were more child-like seemed right apart from underscoring everything that’s happened since around this time last year.

And oddly enough I feel much more calmer and comfortable with that than I have for many years as I knew my role and just got on with it and even when as ever someone gets a present choice badly wrong, I didn’t get all lippy over it.


It’s surprising just proper support and spanking can do to help me deal with issues that go back like eons and as far as I’m aware 2016 will be another year where I’m to be spanked and you know what? I’m actually glad this is happening cos I’m doing so much better now even though it is unpleasant at the time.


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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