New Year edition

I usually write this time of year about my life, events in it and places I’ve been as a Middle and this year has been no exception. In fact keeping it short and focused has been quite a challenge.

New Year Edition


This next section is really for and about what this WordPress blog is about, Cg/l and the role of spanking in my life which after all is why this blog really exists as is.

Okay you people there’s a bit of limit as to just how much information around that part of my life I can get away putting on my main blog before one person in particular gets all crazy and that even though I’m really not in super graphic descriptions and all that let’s get this extra bit started.

First off, cutting through the obtuse terms, as most of you are aware something started to happen just before the end of 2014 and really got going the following New Year and that was I had a Caregiver come into my life because to be very honest with you all I was struggling with chunks of my behaviour and attitudes not just to other people although that was bad enough but also they were really messing me up and I couldn’t stop it.

So we discussed it and eventually worked out what I needed help in doing, what in me had to change and (and this is the big bugbear with that one person) just how all of this was to enforced having consented to it.

Hidden behind a euphemism or two used elsewhere, it was agreed I am to be spanked for deliberate breaches of the rules we agreed to help my behaviour be they about taking personal responsibility in my domestic life like helping out, getting to bed my bed time (cos I have one now), not dealing with important matters, bad language (it may surprise you but I can swear!) and not following through any assignments I am set by them.

It was hard going at first with one of the first things to get my head around being my Cg/l mentor sets out what my discipline is to be and how it is to be given.

I soon learned to meet their requirements of all punishment being on my bare bottom and after some encouragement, learned to take down my knickers so I was actively involved in a step to make my punishment more memorable and painful because my actions had earned it.


So the last year has been one where my smalls have been lowered and I’ve been spanked quite a bit by hand, hairbrush or paddle for breaches of the rules and without naming names, other trusted people are doing likewise when I’m with them to help me change.


I’m to wear my uniform and that does include my underwear as I am to wear  gym knickers that go from just above the base of my spine and full cover the cheeks which are very modest. They also are very easy pull back over my cheeks, tuck into my crack for discrete punishment with everywhere needed for spanking fully exposed!


As well other trusted people have started to use the cane on me sparingly for extreme bad behaviour and attitudes which wasn’t anticipated at the beginning of the year although it has proved effective. Sometimes even the warning one is likely is enough to put a hold on how I was acting.

This has been a major change in my life as outside of school or the odd playmates parents, I seldom got any meaningful discipline at all and that was like eons ago so learning to go over a knee and let my bottom be spanked, well it made me feel very little pretty much the middle in my school uniform. For the first time in ages I was actually submitting to authority rather than telling it to eff off!!!
There’s no way anyone can say being spanked doesn’t hurt because that’s the entire point of it, it is meant to be unpleasant but I have really have adapted to it and the rituals finding it comforting and at the same time it has had the necessary effect of deterring me from a good number things that are bad for me like using the internet to past three in the morning which earned me the biggest spanking of my life and -touch wood- has stopped that stone dead as it needed to be.
You see, for me (and everyone’s different), spanking is very good when combined with one on one practical support in helping me grow up, take more care of my own welfare and be responsible that other approaches tried in the past never achieved.


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