Wiped from history

This weekend is a study weekend although I’m not feeling very well at the minute and I am being give credit for that although I have to do some work cos not being allowed to get away with doing nothing has been taken away from me, so I’ll have some work to do, just not as much.

The bigger thing was something I didn’t see coming, which was one Tumblr account with two blogs on it was terminated on Wednesday having had the Primary for about 18 month and the secondary whose posts created issues only in Mid November so that’s a lot of posts down the pan.

The problem is one I think a number of you may understand and it’s to do with copyright on images often online and the DMCA and Janus Worldwide Ltd submitted three batches of orders for violations which is under Tumblrs rules sufficient to cause them to terminate your account and any new ones.

Now things is, I never claimed I made those images or made money from them, typical they were used to illustrate a short story in the way a ‘stock image’ does and wasn’t even aware they held the rights to them having no markings on them.

It’s also the case I lost the log in until a few days ago to the email that account was linked to so in the absence of any Private Messages I was completely unaware that a ‘three strikes and your dead’ situation was running.

They wiped both Blogs including one that had no violations against it at all without any period to save any personal stories of which there are a good many involving people who are no longer around and mean a lot to me.

But then, that’s American Law for you. Forget nuance and balanced judgement just run with Zero tolerance and switch off the critical functions so I’ll be here instead.


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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