First off, apologies for the delay in posting todays entry but it was my study weekend  and I genuinely hadn’t the time as will be explained later over the week to really pre-prepare something. Indeed I didn’t have the time to make a second weekly post on my regular Middles blog.

I have been working very hard during the last several days on several things, one being my bigger priority my studying Math and English as I have real life disability related problems with them and allied to that retraining my attitudes and behaviour which have not just made managing how I am harder but even left me less capable because I would not use my actual abilities. I was firmly reminded of this  this weekend when I was told if I refused to attempt Long Multiplication and Division, I’d be on the recieving end of quite a spanking cos as much as it hurts, I stopped me from doing what I could and this is being stopped for me.

The other thing has been to do with the Tumblr business I talked off last week where they wiped me flat and haven’t returned TWO emails about this in over ten days at all which is get example of how not to run a business. Do they really care about customers?

Anyway, blow them, I’ve restored a big chunk of my cp related Tumblr and am merging in the original older more Cg/l and middles bits into  it avoiding on there the images that seemed to cause issues although the same images as posted by others are still about on various accounts.

It’s taken about a week and a couple of days to do but it’s back, rebuilt of fresh timber on my plot, standing gaining new followers, many of the original ones although it would seem a number of others got wiped out too.

It’s a very arbitrary thing as the 18 months and three notifications isn’t much as a proportion of the total number of posts made over such a period of time on a site like that.

tumblr_n49k717Gvm1suzvb1o1_500 (Janus)

With all my progress over the last few weeks, getting really good results the careful but firm use of corporal punishment in shifting those attitudes I developed that stopped me from making the most of the abilities I had, has paid off. The paddle and cane is doing its job reforming me.


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