A painful outcome to a good day

Today, I’m having to rest, well kinda rest anyway which wasn’t really planned for and has little of itself to do with what this blog usually talks about although the weekend started off pretty well.

You see yesterday was day one of Study Weekend as I was getting to grips with paragraphing and punctuation which to be honest is something I struggled with at least because I had poor idea of what were never mind how you use them in written English.

I did pretty well on the set exercises going over what I had learnt which was very much eye opening before it was time to go from where I study to the main lounge to take a break before having an evening meal. That’s when it happened.

Now normally I gather up all my study stuff, putting it away tidily, followed by unplugging my laptop which I put on during recess to check out the news and carry that out with me.

What happened was I skipped that last bit got up to go and got my feet stuck around the cable which would of been fine except for I went backwards catching my small right toe on a plastic MiniDisc container, at which point I emitted a loud Ow!

The reason for the Ow was obvious. I’d clearly caught the top bit of it where it joins the rest of my feet on the plastic, being painful to touch with red marking although checking nothing felt broken.

Afterward, I sorted out the laptop, putting it into it’s case and hobbled in discomfort down the stairs and checking this morning the localized marking has gone to black from the impact, most probably through green to yellow as it subsides.

With that later on I’ll be resting it getting on with some Math work I was supposed to do anyway as it will help take my mind of it and it’s not an excuse for me to not to do it.

Apart from learning not to be so impulsive that I don’t check where my feet in relation to anything else is, that’s a big lesson in growing up I have to learn not least because I was responsible for what happened.


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