This last weeks lesson

If you were wondering what had happened to last weeks edition, the explanation for that is actually pretty straightforward in that I was away for a quite a period with no internet access to speak of and even if it was halfway reliable, I still lack a tablet like the Microsoft Surface to make blog publishing easy as using a virtual keyboard isn’t that easy if you’re as un-coordinated as I am.

But the reason I’m actually writing this edition seven days later is connected very much to my experiences which I’m also working on writing up into my main SFW blog which is being away, having to live with a Parent-like figure with everything you may well of experienced as a child staying with an Aunt or Uncle did actually prove something.

You see for that whole period it wasn’t necessary for them to bend me over getting on with at least a hand spanking because the lessons I’ve been learning since late December 2014 are sinking in with me just automatically doing the tasks I needed to without any reminders without expecting anything but everyday thanks for co-operating either. Not one jolt of bribery either. I just did them.

They knew my Moms last words before leaving were pretty much on the lines of  ‘You are to behave yourself’ which as as close to her saying in effect she expect them to crack down hard on me as in that time to she’s been getting firmer with me too.

The lesson you can draw from this is: Spanking was what I needed all along to help me grew up and mature to something closer to the level of others even if I can’t become fully adult because it got me there.


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Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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