Weekly round up

Another weekend that’s all studying I’m lucky one the assignments has to be written submission so it can be for a blog although I will have set work to do tomorrow as I’m eased back to weekend study mode after a hiatus for littles camp where upon from comments I had impressed a number of people for what I was able to do notwithstanding my difficulties.

I think I’ll leave direct links on this entry to my SFW accounts connected with that cos as was always stated at the outset, this blog is a spanking blog by a Little and how all of that fits together cos for it’s kinda childhood correction revisited rather than anything rooted in ‘adult’ stuff although because some count ‘age-play’ and ‘littles’ as fetishes, the likes of Google etc insist that you label it so under 18’s can’t get in.

February Camp    Think pink!

I’m presently working on piece around Littles ‘Headspace’ which is kind relevant to to this because looking at and feeling more ‘child-like’ is at the core of shared things such as meets and having accidentally said something that might of not gone down too well in littles chat, I got ordered to The Corner in front of everyone which was so much a child-like scenario for a short period before I had to apologize so I could leave it!   At least in 2016 I did take my correction without protest understanding why it had to be.

In so many different ways this life as odd as it may be to some really does suit me perfectly  happy to be loved, cherished and corrected for who I am.



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Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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