Round the sun

It was a cold and snowy start to my birthday  that I thought mirrored how the the two days before had felt with inter family disturbances but thankfully they had ceased by the Sunday so shortly after opening a few presents I had a pleasant surprise.

My semi-estranged brother to whom I enjoy really bad relations with actually phoned me to wish me a happy birthday spending five whole minutes talking with me so I thanked him for calling.

Several of my friends at a Littles Site  wished me a happy birthday too which given a good number are  almost replacement family was really nice.

The funny thing around birthdays and me is I never feel a day older because in a lot ways it’s just not possible, more wiser possibly and with all the help I’ve been getting this last 12 months, more mature for sure so even the really difficult days where I’d of lashed out in the past, I’m handling better.

That’s the thing I’m most glad about this last 12 months, having an acceptable level of maturity.


About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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