End of on era and the start of another

Easter weekend and apart from an outbreak of Easter Bunnies down the high street what’s been going on here?

Well, as I rather expected, Experience Project will be no more with April 21 being the freezing date where in theory all posts not removed by people are meant to stay up but if the server isn’t being paid for then I doubt they’ll keep up all the web pages. Although it was part of my life, being a bit of what lead me down the Middles with a little side, spanking revisited for legal adults, the ouch in my life  I’m most grateful for and exploring the school based roleplaying scene, I’m done with it.

Done mainly because what it was originally good for, long form accounts that shared experience that benefited people  exploring themselves, was taken apart for a messy Twitter mashed up with Facebook approach that removed story titles, images and even editing. Removing what long term members loved for something newer people weren’t so keen on wasn’t really the answer.

I’ve been working hard with my English work, reading set texts and answering questions on them and have some Math revision to complete which is providing some proper school work apart from helping me no end as even Mom notices I’m getting better at describing things and getting to grips more with numbers. In a lot of ways this really is what I needed when I was meant to be growing up, more one to one tuition backed by a very strict approach to disciplining me because it’s taken a lot to break my cycle of not prepared to try and really learn and too many were indirectly enabling it.

*  A mixture of support, encouragement and the preparedness to spank me when I would not apply myself was what I needed and what Grown Ups gave me to help me mature *

*It was what I needed all along*

I also received 9 months late a approval to join a Littles website which is nice but while I wouldn’t wish to tread on someones toes, I do wonder why some people waited over a year to get this and how many more who may of wanted to join may of been put off?



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