Drama inc

It’s kinda funny in some respects I was like talking about talking last week about how one era had ended and another was beginning only to find more changes that weren’t anticipated happening.

See, you all know about this Caregiver/little thing that is going on my life, how that came to be and how good it has been to me, well the thing was I joined a site that was expressly about that and the odd thing here and there I’ve been quite happy about it cos it was one place where I could talk about the whole including the d/s and spanking side with similar minded folk pretty openly whereas on one site that I love to bits, it’s like talking about the d/s and between the sheets side isn’t accepted although a good number clearly are ‘in the know’.

What changed was apparently one person who was supposed to look after the technical bits effectively ousted the moderators over a minor disagreement  and started banning people who kicked up a fuss on the site leaving just themselves and  a n other to look after everything. To me that’s an alarm bell about how they treat people and looking after vulnerable littles requires a good number of people who were just axed from their posts and banned to the point their ip address are banned.

I can’t see myself wanting to post on a site where the two people involve treat people like this so I’m waiting in the wings to see if the former staff set something up because I like a forum structure for discussion and advice, a blog for what I have to say to the planet and Tumblr for just littles social media.

I see things involving posting more to a little understanding.webs.com and Guardian Island for the foreseeable feature.


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Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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