“Cannot be helped vs Excuses”

Hi and before anyone asks , no you weren’t seeing anything. I didn’t get around to posting last week not for any reason that would warrant putting me over a lap, not that isn’t sometimes but because I had a really bad spacing out and migraine spell that only really dropped of in the middle of yesterday. So like here comes a  post that’s not from any other place but a special one for here.

There is one subject that I’d like to talk about on this blog which I do have views on.


While good arguments can be made for punishing people for things they could do but didn’t especially if they had negative consequences for others, I do feel it is wrong to punish somebody for something that they had little or no control over such as stammering, being unable to write neatly, forgetting because of memory problems and so on.

This was something I did see occasionally in school and quite often in the workplace where it was just presumed everybody there had no disabilities and from that there were no excuses period for not being able or struggling with a task.

What as individual you needed was either support in the the task or or some extra tuition to master a task on a one to one basis which was something I had to fight tooth and nail for even at the risk of alienating some colleagues who though this help for me was somehow a threat or  unfairness to them.


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Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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