Jo is take control

Another weekend and some more studying to be getting on working my way through the English work that is challenging me to plan, concentrate,  think for myself and pay attention to answering the questions correctly.

Generally paying attention leading to answering questions correctly  is something I tend to struggle with, some of is stuff I can’t help being pretty much a part of multiple disabilities I have even though I do have some ability to control which I don’t always use in the way you might, effectively telling myself “Concentrate now, Jo”.

It’s that dilemma which really is the core problem around how this has been handled from some who took no account of having the difficulties I have seeing it as ‘all attitude’ and a good many others who said “People with X do this” without considering how such an approach leads to one of not even trying to get some control  over it or self fulfilling prophesies.  In reality it is a bit of both which implies I can be expected to exercise some  responsibility for my attitude, can be expected to be held accountable failing to  and while supported in dealing with how my disabilities impact on this should of been disciplined just the same.

One of my caregivers noticed this recently not being sufficiently attentive and engaged with her and is now working on the accountability side by being extremely strict with me from the outset.

I am being scolded before during and after my spankings which are being done in a layered sandwich form starting from being  over skirt or dress, to over my knickers and then having them taken down for a long session on the bare always starting with firm hand-spanking and often involving a hairbrush over my bare bottom to make it very unpleasant for me.


What is more in addition I get a bedtime  spanking too just like it even more unpleasant each time I do this where practical just to underscore the fact I failed to exercise the control I had by choice to aid its extinction.

I have been firmly spanked several times this week without fail for this which has been painful being very much the can be disciplined girl who isn’t going to be allowed to get away with things they way I have been






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