Felt week!

What a week it’s been with me!

This weekend sees me still working hard at my Math and English studying trying to stay concentrated on just that rather than a myriad of other things that just pop up into my head and then cause me to loose track of what I really was meant to be doing.

That’s the thing with me – I have very much a ‘butterfly mind’  – and you might be feeling like filing it under ‘different learning styles’ other than the fact I don’t take anything in much when I’m hovering over things so retraining my brain to do this  on their as even in bursts  does make more sense. I can’t just see it and scan it in.

The replacement for Experience Project, Similar Worlds is now up and running so at least you can have an avatar and post although it’s a a work in progress in many other ways such as not having editing and messaging sorted as yet.  They imported the ‘Experiences’ from EP so needless to say there a good number of spanking and littles related ones for anyone who wishes to join.

I did sign up and establish an account, publishing on their a number of my previous stories although I’ll try to devote a half hour or so to putting new entries as it’s not like your importing stories in chronological order so I might as well write newer ones for those that matter the most.

I failed to treat my Caregiver with appropriate respect a couple of times and ended up with few hard spankings across the week that I’m not proud of and that my bottom can still feel even now.

Talking of feel I only accidentally tried to cut my hand using a pair of scissors dealing with a parcel and ended up having to clean and plaster it up!



About Joanne

Fun lover with strong sense of the absurd and 180 degrees different.
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