Double Jeopardy

This weekend I’m studying again  having done some work on calculating areas and circumferences of different shaped objects like triangles, rectangles and so on, plus tomorrow have a marathon spell on English comprehension with extracts to read and answer questions on.

The week had seen one person drop out my life almost as soon as they’d entered although in truth I can see they were looking for something that just about their needs and likes with little respect for mine to the point I feel they were not honest in expressing it to me.


On the other hand one area of development in my life has been the introduction by one Caregiver of “Double Jeopardy” in how I’m to be handled which amounts to if I’m doing anything with anyone such as say my studying and I get in trouble with them not only do I face whatever action that person does there and then, they are going to spank me upon my return too because I am their little, I am held to account by them for any transgressions of the rules. So in effect I’m disciplined twice.

They are being deliberately hard on me because they can see potential in me to grow, well not quite ‘grow up’  but certainly act more responsibly in certain situations, make better choices when it comes to handling my emotions and so on. I cannot truthfully argue against this simply because had I of been brought up better, while I’d still of been middle little me, developmentally a lot  younger than my years, I’d of been more mature for that age where some of my reactions to being expected to be responsible remain immature. It is that they are going to target with me and I’m to co-operate with it.


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